Absolute Bollywood

Bollywood song and dance show

Alex Crow

Mindreading and weird stuff

Alex Michael

Close up magician
Peller Agency

David Fox

Close up magician


Male and Female Duo

Grant Saunders

Stage & Street Hypnotist

Hoedown Band

Hoedown and Line Dance Experience

Jay Gatling

Close up magician

John L

Mr T Lookalike

La Voix

Fabulous Drag Show

Latino Magic

Superb party tribute to the sounds

Martin Jordan

UKs best Gordon Ramsey lookalike


Close up or stage Magician

Spencer Wood

Close up magician
Peller Agency

Steely D

Steel Pan Player
Peller Agency

The Celtic Experience

Irish Dance Themed Experience

The Memphis Belles

1940s & Wartime Era Tribute

Tim Oliver

Ricky Gervais lookalike
Peller Agency

Yes!!! Brazil

Brazilian Carnival Themed Experienc

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